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Email:   |   Tel:  (215) 547 - 1939

Get Involved

Acting with faith, hope and love.  Please join us!


 Work with us on initiatives 

that support community outreach,

healthcare providers,

as well as survivors and warriors

who live in Sierra Leone.


Share time and talents 

at our fundraising events or  serve the community in Sierra Leone.


Available for qualifying students.

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Thank you for considering a

tax deductible donation


Hematology And Cancer Untold (HACU).  


Your contribution will

support health care providers in Sierra Leone

who are focused on

community education for all,

care for those diagnosed,

support for our survivors and warriors and

putting an end to the stigma.

Your support and kindness is appreciated.



If you are a

Breast cancer survivor

or a

Sickle cell warrior,

we'd love to hear from you.

With your permission, we'd love to

share your stories of hope.

Please help us end the

silence and associated stigma

so that family and friends

diagnosed in Sierra Leone know

that they are not alone,

that we have their back and

that there is hope! 

Click here for Stories of Hope 

To contact us, please fill out the form below: 
Below is a list of some of the projects our team has embarked on either in the past or continue to work on.  Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved. 
  • Fundraising for a Mammogram initiative for the Well Woman Clinic in Sierra Leone.

  • Raised and allocated $58,000 towards the Mammogram initiative so far.

  • Annual Warm Clothing Drive for kids with sickle cell disease living in Kono, Sierra Leone.

  • Donated over 500 care kits for cancer, maternity, and sickle cell patients to date.

  • Donated 600 masks to help with COVID-19 prevention efforts in Sierra Leone.

  • Provide Christmas Day meals for patients annually for 3 years.

  • Donated Hand Washing stations, soaps, and hand-sanitizers for kids with Sickle Cell disease.

  • Sponsor/Facilitate health care workshops, community service and wellness events on an ongoing basis

  • Sponsor the cost of breast ultrasounds and cancer care for women at the Well Woman Clinic.

Thank you for your message. We look forward to getting in touch with you soon.

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